Cool Kids Summer Camp Reviews and Few Ideas

Summer is soon coming knocking round the corner and some of the parents are worried about where to send their kids for a good kid’s summer camping trip and experience. There are lots of kids summer camp that are easy to find in almost all parenting magazines or website but they expensive too. Here I attempt to give reviews that I think could help you understand things better. Continue reading

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The Terrible Twos – How to Stay Sane When Your Child Is Not

If you have a little one who is anywhere between the ages of two and four, some days can seem like they last forty eight hours instead of twenty four. If you are the proud mother of a little girl this age, the only word in her vocabulary may be “No.” If you try and counter her “no’s” with “yes’s”, she may emit sounds so shrill your ears will bleed. If you are the proud mom of a little boy, his new habits may include coloring the dog with your lipstick or banging your favorite, and delicate, table with his toy trucks until they crack. How do you deal with this? One way of course is to leave the country and never return. There are, however, more reasonable ways in which to deal with your children’s testing periods. Continue reading

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Where To Take Your Kids When They Say “Mom I’m Bored!”

How many times have you heard your ten year old exclaim this on a Saturday afternoon, only to follow you around while you tried to do laundry or iron or cook dinner? Children may expect you to be their entertainment committee, but there are things you can do to keep them entertained for hours without eating up your entire Saturday or Sunday afternoon in the process. Continue reading

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Early Reading with Fun Phonics

Shock, horror, you wouldn’t dream of teaching a tiny baby! And yet you do. Every waking moment. You teach him to recognise everything in his nursery, home and, as his world widens , his environment. As this powerful bonding between you and your baby grows, so does his knowledge. As you teach, he learns.
“But,” you argue, “That’s not teaching. That’s just being with my baby.” Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Are a Great Idea for Christmas

While we traditionally shop at crowded malls during the holidays, the past couple of years have revealed that more and more shoppers are giving gift cards as Christmas gifts. Continue reading

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Family Skiing Holidays in France

Skiing Holidays to France are very popular especially to resorts in the French Alps with popular places like Courchevel and Meribel, but France has absolutely hundreds of kilometres of ski slopes, which are situated in some of the most spectacular mountainous regions in the world. Continue reading

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The Captivating Greek Island Of Crete

The world has always rejoiced visiting Crete, the largest of Greek islands and also the fifth largest in the whole of Mediterranean. The island is spread over an area of 8,336 km² (3,219 square miles) in the Southern Greece, and forms one of the thirteen Greek peripheries we know about. It is also believed to have played a key role in the Greek nation’s history, something quite evident even today, as we go through its archaeological past. There is a rich marine life, fine sea beaches and a great hospitality – of which the Crete hotels make up a key ingredient – to be explored and enjoyed by anybody willing to spend some quality time on this island. Continue reading

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How To Get Your Kids Interested In Genealogy

In the United States today, genealogy is rapidly becoming an interest for many families. Genealogy and ancestry sites are popping up everyday. Continue reading

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How To Research Your Ancestors For A Family Tree

Genealogy has become a popular pastime. Searching for ancestors can be fun and an interesting way to learn about history. While looking for your ancestors you will learn about the time and place in which they lived. How politics, wars, and economics affected their lives. It will give you history on a more personal level.

The easiest way to start your search is to interview your living relatives. Often there is one elder aunt, uncle, or grandparent that knows a lot of information about the family. The first questions to ask are dates of births, deaths, and marriages. In any family search this type of information is the most commonly found; these events that have been recorded somewhere outside the family and will have public records. Full names are also essential. There could be fifty men named John Jones born in New York City, in 1906. Therefore you have to be very specific on which one you are looking for.

Learning about your family and where they came from can answer questions you may have about family traditions that have been passed through the family. Maybe your whole life you wondered why grandma baked braided sweet bread only at Christmas. Then you learn through your search it is an old German tradition that started several hundreds years ago. It is something she grew up with and has always done without really knowing why. And know you can tell her how it started.

The Internet has opened a whole new world for genealogy buffs. Old archive records have been made available on many different websites. It may take some time and a lot of searching for the correct information, but a lot of it is out there. When doing this type of search it is better to start with a living person, like a grandparent, then move backward through history. You should never start with an event or name and try to link it to yourself. This can very difficult and frustrating, usually leading to misinformation. When doing your family tree you should try to keep it as factual as possible even if you find information you don’t like.

Another new source of information is with your own DNA. It is now possible to test your DNA to find out your families origins. This information can give you a global overview of your genetic makeup telling you what percentage of your DNA is shared with different ethnicities. For more tribal societies like Africans and Native Americans, DNA can confirm what tribe you are most likely to have come from. These results are not always 100% accurate, they can tell which group you are predominately from, but because of population migrations there can be many different ethnic markers in one persons DNA.

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Have You Found Your Past?

A civil war hero, a pirate, an African tribe, or an Indian Princess all of these people of the past could be in your family tree. For those who know all about where their family comes from or has a written history, you are very lucky. The truth is, that most people only have an idea of where their ancestors came from and don’t know much about any of them. Knowing where your ancestors came from and who they were is a great way to help you learn more about your family tree and some of the hereditary conditions that you might face later in life. No matter if you are interested in genealogy or not, then the time has never been better for you to search out your long-lost ancestors. Due to the popularity of genealogy sites on the Internet, you can find all your ancestors and family without leaving your home.

Before the Internet, people who wanted to research genealogy had to go down to the library and spend hours upon hours of sifting through old microfiche forms and old newspapers to find traces of their ancestors and family tree. They would listen to the stories that their parents and grandparents told and then see if they could find any trace of those people in death records, birth records, and land records. It was a long and tedious process that most gave up on pretty fast. Continue reading

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